New application for vehicle crossover (dropped kerb) construction licensing

Request permission for a vehicle crossover (dropped kerb) across your footway or verge.

Guidance Notes (PDF, 417KB - opens in new window)

A dropped kerb (or vehicle crossover) is the dipped or lowered kerb that allows you to access your driveway from the road by driving across the pavement.

A licence is required to create a dropped kerb, or widen an existing one, in front of your drive or hard standing.

It is an offence to drive across a footway to access your property without a legally constructed dropped kerb. This is because it may cause damage to the footway or the services (gas, electric, water) underneath.

Before construction of the dropped kerb can start the following steps need to be followed:

  1. Check to see if you need planning permission from your local district/borough council.
  2. Seek approval from us. If approved, the approval is valid for six months.
  3. Choose a contractor - we recommend you get at least three written quotes.
  4. Your chosen contractor applies to us for a licence to construct the dropped kerb.
  5. The contractor notifies us when the works will commence.
  6. Construction starts and a highway officer inspects the construction during and after completion.

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