New application for Apply for a permit to place a crane on, or sail over, a highway

Apply for a permit to place a crane on, or sail over, a highway

A crane permit or licence is required by any contractor intending to place a mobile or tower crane on, lift from, and/or over sail the public highway.

No work may commence on the public highway without an authorised permit and/or licence.

You will need the following attachments to support your application:

  • Lifting plan with site diagram indicating crane location and working area
  • Method statement with risk assessment
  • Thorough examination/conformity certificate
  • Site inspection/ground condition report
  • Evidence of competent banksman
  • Evidence of competent crane operator
  • Evidence of competent lift supervisor
  • Evidence of competent appointed person
  • Public Liability Insurance documents

West Sussex County Council (WSCC) charge £367.50 for the initial crane/oversail licence. The initial period is up to four weeks and extension periods will be granted in four week intervals, at a charge of £173.40.

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