New application for deposit materials or skip bags licensing

A licence is required if you wish to place building materials on the public highway. A licence is not necessary if materials are placed on private land or on private gated roads with no public right of way. Private roads that are not gated where the public have a right of way to use, will still require a licence.

WSCC do not allow materials to be stored on the footway under any circumstance, due to the damage this can cause and potential obstruction to the public footway. WSCC will only allow the verge to be used in exceptional circumstances. All materials must be stored on a spoil board and be safely barriered off with reflective barriers, if there are no streetlamps then we would expect the barriers to have lighting attached.

Any damage caused to the highway will be recharged to the licence holder.

The licence duration is up to 5 calendar days. Extensions are available to extend the licence in 5-day intervals.

We require a minimum of 5 working days advance notice from the date of application to the date the materials will be placed our on highway.

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