Section 50

In order to obtain a Section 50 licence please provide the following details to Each Section 50 licence is £592.50 per road or per 200m of excavation.

WSCC will only accept S50 applications from the Contractor (Company conducting the works) acting on behalf of the Owner of Apparatus, if this is not yourself please refer this to your contractor to respond on your behalf.

Before we can issue you with a Section 50 pack, please can you provide me with the following details:
  • Full address details of your company.
  • Full address details of the property that is benefitting from the new apparatus.
  • Either a Section 106 letter from the utility granting permission to connect or a Section 104 letter confirming the utility will adopt the new foul water connection.
  • If the works are not for a new water connection then we will need a full works description and confirmation of adoption by the relevant utility in the form of letter or email if applicable